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Question:ABS module products how to ... Reply:ABS parts we are produced now have three clips at the inner side, have ...More>>
  • Team 98 years to start the service areas of the mold of the industry R & D, design, manufacturing, security Loaded with mature experience。
  • SML is mold design and manufacturing manufacturing, injection molding, injection silk screen, stamping and other secondary processing As one of the professional production companies
  • Companies focus on user practices and product development, has made a number of patents and R & D results.
  • Plant covers an area of about 7000 square meters, employees 900 , more than people, has long been engaged in a Export mold design, manufacturing engineers and technical workers.
  • Implementation of project management, focusing on process control, the full implementation of ISO9001: 2008 quality Management system for customers to manufacture international quality products.
  • SML Die With cutting-edge technology and engineering mold manufacturing strength, to become a "green Molds and products, "the forerunner of design and manufacturing.
  • Commitment to product quality: Quality and testing are quality records and test data.
    Users can visit the factory of the whole process of the product, testing the performance of the whole, to be inspected before being boxed product shipped.
  • Product price promise: In the same competitive conditions, our company not to reduce product performance, change the product department
    On the basis of pieces of good faith in the most favorable price to your side.
  • Delivery Commitment: 1.service tenet: quick, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and thorough.

    2.Service objectives: quality service to win customer satisfaction.
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